Friday, 28 September 2007

easily pleased

After that rant I felt the need for a pick-me-up in the form of baked, sugary goodness. After reaching for a piece of the same old hedgehog slice I usually have (good but same as always) I noticed that the refectory was offering gorgeous little plates of mini-cakes today. Six cute little cakes ranging from carrot cake to cheesecake to tiramisu and other stuff I haven’t identified yet, And all for the bargain price of $1.50! Variety, aesthetic appeal, plenty of sugar and cheap, cheap, what more could you ask for? And with my love of a bargain, even if they tasted bad (and they don’t) that’s all I need to make my day.

I'll kill him

Argh, why is it that some people just grate, even just the most minor little thing they do or stupid comment they make can wind you up so tight and put you in a bad mood for a week. The fact that you know you’re so irritated over such a little thing only makes you more annoyed. Just when I was finally over the last bout of petty, misguided, arrogant and ignorant behaviour he pops up again with some pompous comment directed at me which was both wrong and delivered to a mass audience. Worst of all, not even knowing that at least its Friday provides much relief, as I’m quite sure he’s going to feature at an event over the weekend. grrrrrr. If only there was a way to permanently remove him from my life without facing the possibility of legal action, or gaining the bitch reputation.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


Many years ago, as a primary school child I had a friend with whom I spent all of my school hours, and much of my weekends if I remember rightly. For a variety of reasons (e.g. acute shyness, red hair, general awkwardness, a parents desire for separation from RE classes - it was a state school afterall, and total lack of sporting prowess) we weren't exactly the most popular kids but we had each other and we had to stick together. Of course like all kids we wanted acceptance and during the last month of primary school the playground dynamics changed (i.e. new kids) some arguments broke out and although I attempted diplomacy for a while, I'm ashamed to say that in the end I shunned her.
No need to be so dramatic about words uttered as an 11 year old you might think, and indeed that's a convenient excuse I've used to try and forget the whole thing. But dont they say events in the lives of children can have long term and significant repercussions? Truth be told I've often felt quite guilty. Strangely more guilty than about other crap things I've done that may or may not be worse.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, through the magic of that massive timewaster facebook of all things, she got in touch. My golden opportunity to apologise and make amends. It still took me a while to do it mind you (an some internal debate over whether I should do it), not knowing what to say or how to say it. She forgave me (or so she said, although I think it would still be weird to see her in person) and we had some enjoyable reminisces about our childhood, but nevertheless I still feel bad about the whole thing. better that I apologised, but still. I guess no amount of words change actions.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

the rabbit

I'm not having much luck with members of the animal kingdom lately. Shortly after the bat episode I visiting my mother who lives in the country. Standing outside with my mother I noticed something sort of waving at the bottom of the garden:
whats that?
just a bit of grass in the wind
no I don't think so, I'll have a look.
Indeed, it was not a bit of grass but rather a rabbit's ear flapping.
The ear was connected to a head and body that seemed OK but with legs that looked a bit worse for wear, in fact kinda deformed. (Australians don't like rabbits too much and tend to release nasty viruses into their population in an attempt at control - one of those viruses was the likely culprit we realised later). What to do, what to do? He didnt seem to be suffering but it was clear with no useful legs he wouldnt survive. Starvation and or exposure are surely cruel deaths and its not his fault he's a pest (and rabbits are still quite cute afterall) so the humane thing to do must be to put him out of his misery. But despite determinedly grabbing the shovel and raising it, I knew I just couldn't do it. My mother tried to pull together some conviction, but it wasnt in her either. The idea of his little head crushed at my hand was enough to make me imagine the nightmares I knew I wouldnt be able to take well. We moved him somewhere he seemed more comfortable and when I checked on him later he was happily munching away on some grass. but of course with winter nightfall it wasnt a happiness that could last long.

Its clear I wouldnt make much of a farm girl.


Liquorice is one of my favourite lollies, especially the chocolate covered kind, or liquorice bullets. In fact anything aniseedy is generally good - those Christmas biscuits with aniseed in, ouzo, sambucca and as a kid I had a thing for liquorice ice cream (although I've gone off that a bit now). So I was kinda upset to find out that the Swiss German for liquorice is Bärendreck, which means bear poo - all wrong I tell you.


every silver lining has its cloud - feeling a bit that way today. Looks like summer is finally on its way. Beeee utiful day today, but it seems the dreaded lurgy has waited 'til now to get me - stuffed up sinuses, watery eyes, throbbing head, aching muscles, sigh. and being the sucker I am, I'm still at work (although clearly not being overly productive) double sigh.