Thursday, 8 November 2007

reasons to love Brisbane part 9

Its common practice in Brisbane to call out thank-you to the bus driver when getting off the bus. This something I really like, I know I've paid my fare and the drivers' are getting paid for doing their job and don't necessarily do anything special that necessitates thanks, but adding a little bit of courtesy to your day can only be a good thing. Some people like to address the bus driver directly in their thank-you by saying 'thank-you driver' which sounds a little strange to me. I guess some of the bus drivers think its odd too since this morning when someone called out 'thank-you driver' the driver responded with 'thank-you passenger'. strangely, I think I was the only one to giggle.


The other day I discovered some bright red marks on my hand. At first I thought I might have accidentally got red Texta on myself which would be typical (although I didn't remember using a red Texta) but I discovered on attempting to rub it off that it hurt quite a bit. Later the colour darkened and blisters appeared, so it seems clear that it is a burn.
but how I wonder did I mange to burn myself without even noticing?

Friday, 2 November 2007

cuff links

Is there any point, I wonder, in wearing wearing shiny proper business cuff links if you are going to have your shirt tucked into a pair of faded, high waisted grey stone wash jeans? grey stone wash are surely an iffy choice for 2007 anyway, although possibly suited the early 90's style shirt - thick blue and white stripes with red and white stripes on the inside of the cuffs, and I thought we science academics were meant to be the ones with bad dress sense.

Thursday, 1 November 2007


The other day I was planning on writing a post about the dangers and obstacles associated with riding my bicycle to work. The idea was it was meant to be vaguely amusing, featuring things like suicidal butterflies, those humps in the bike-path that you cant see in the dark, the oh so aggravating lycra brigade and overcoming the mental obstacles caused by thinking about the pain of riding up those steep steep hills and wondering why you dont avoid it altogether and just get in the car. No real dangers since I didnt think there were any, little did I realise.
On my way home I ride past a bridge under which lives an homeless wino, well I assume he lives there since he's always there whenever I go past. Anyway I never even considered him as part of my dangers and obstacles piece 'cos he didn't seem to present either one of those. He seems to ignore all who pass never even asks for money or says anything. As I was riding home on Tuesday he was standing next to the path apparently talking to himself, not uncommon for homeless alcoholics I would think. He seemed to be waving his arms a bit, I couldnt really tell since it was kinda dark, but also not uncommon. However, as I came up about to pass him a glass bottle came flying out of his hand, luckily smashing on the footpath just in front of me. One of the few times I've been glad I'm a slow bike-rider, since being in the semi darkness under a bridge with a broken bottle injury and a homeless alcoholic doesnt quite seem ideal.