Sunday, 27 April 2008


last night we were out for a few drinks and there was a drag show in the pub. While it all seemed like amusing entertainment I must admit there's much I dont get about it. Firstly the 'queens' really didnt look good, infact I dont think I've been many drag shows where they do look good - are they supposed to, is this one of those beholder things and I'm just not the target audience or is it all part of the joke that they dont look good? One of them looked like she (he) had exactly the same bad plastic surgery job as the son on Nip Tuck but was about 2m tall (possibly a slight exaggeration) and dressed as Posh Spice. The other question was where they put their bits. a few of them were wearing dresses so its a non issue , but some were wearing just g-string teddies. I'm pretty sure they're not transvestites and havent had them removed but can you really dance around that long with it tucked between your legs?

sunny days

having international visitors I realised this weekend is a good way of giving you a little holiday feeling without going anywhere. or at least in this case it was. the facts that we had a long weekend, the weather has been f'ing brilliant, these guests were very easy going, we did things with them we dont often do and that we met them on holiday and so associated them with holiday just made it that much more like a break from reality. also made it much easier to take being in the office on Sunday.

Monday, 21 April 2008

secret men's business

if ever I had any doubts that men were really very primitive deep down (or not even that deep), information shared this weekend vanquished them. As is often the case when in the pub, after returning from the loos my guy was relating to me some amusing behaviour he'd observed amongst other men. To set the scene he explained that the guy was one of those guys who doesn't spit. huh? Apparently according to my guy its a good idea when using public urinal to first spit in them. This should be done before you start any unbuttoning or unzipping.
According to him at least 70% of men spit before peeing in a public urinal (and the ones who dont are a bit funny) but the statistic is way lower with gay men (we do often frequent gay pubs if you're wondering why he thinks he knows that). Apparently its all about territory marking and peeing over someone else's spit is a big no no, or potentially a come on.
How odd. I had to question if its really true, or a total exaggeration. can I really have never heard of something so common before? I said I'd ask around to find out what my friends know about this but my guy wasn't convinced I'd get an accurate response what with men that wouldnt admit it, women that wouldnt know and several individuals he identifies as not being the type. So I googled it, and whatdyaknow, it sees to be a common phenomenon.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

community education

Whilst we were in Fiji we visited a school in a village keen on community announcements. Posters in the class room illustrated the dangers of marijuana (which I thought was a bit much for a primary school?), and the yard was full of little signs nailed to trees saying things like "Obedience", advising on good diet and my favourite: "Fine feathers alone do not a fine bird make".