Sunday, 11 May 2008


I was reminded last night that a) German beer is stronger than your average Aussie lager b) beer and jetlag do not make for a good combination.


seems that what the Germans lack in friendliness (which is a lot compared to your average Queenslander) they can make up for in coolness, or at least that seems to be the case in the Schanzenviertel of Hamburg - groovy thriving cafes, grungy hole-in-the-wall bars, edgy and funky little shops, cheap and yummy food and beer, interesting fashion and extra spiffy bicycles. All this and at the moment theres super weather, although I know this is something Germany doesnt do often.
seriously thinking that it must be time to move back to Europe


In the airport yesterday I bought some Hershey's Kisses which I havent had for years. I'm glad to say there was no disappointment, they were as good as remembered, so that despite attempts at control I ate about 10 in 5 minutes. yum. The little messages inside each one were not quite as remembered though. Things like 'I like you' and 'kiss someone' were as expected, 'thanks' didnt quite make sense but the one which seemed odd was one that said 'I miss recess', hmmm.