Friday, 27 June 2008


we're hiring a research assistant and since I have no idea what I'm meant to be paying her I was checking out the University rates of pay. Through procrastination and curiosity I came across the allowances page and found out that we have a 'Removal of Dead Animals Allowance' of $1.97 per day on each day on which the work was performed, hmmm. seems like pretty meagre compensation to me.

(don't worry, I do not intend to have cause to pay this allowance to my poor research assistant)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The prize mentioned in the previous post was a trip to one of Australia's 7 natural wonders (or perhaps its was even all of them I cant remember). Giving us a chance to see what fantastic things we were now helping to conserve by using less resources presumably. One of the supposed key selling points of this prizes was that it included some kind of guided tour done in person by the wonderful Cameron Daddo* (or possibly another Daddo - they're all the same aren't they?). Now I would really love to visit some of these places and think a free trip to see them is a pretty fine prize, given that some of these areas aren't that easy to get to, but to spend an afternoon in the presence of a Daddo, surely thats too much to ask, much more than a koala can bear isnt it? No doubt it would also involve filming for part of a dodgy holiday program or something, ugh. I often wonder when I hear about these kind of prizes where you can win a trip to x fantastic location or y super event and get to have lunch with C grade celebrity so and so or meet the band backstage. Would you be able to say great, thanks, I'm in, cant wait but I'll ditch the Daddo part thanks. surely the so called celebrities would prefer it that way too?

*there are about 4 Daddo brothers, and possibly some sisters, who all look the same and are well known on Australian TV for starring in badly made soapies, hosting holiday and backyard transformation type of shows, appearing on Dancing with the Stars and I think they even had a band at one point.

saving the planet

I recently received a letter from the phone company. They informed me they had come up with the innovative idea to compress my phone bill to two pages only in the name of environmental friendliness. In addition to this remarkable idea, I could opt to be even more friendly to our planet buy choosing to receive no paper bill at all, but rather receive and pay my bills electronically, and they'd even offer me the chance to win a spiffy prize . 'bout bloody time I thought, and quickly jumped onto the world wide web to sign myself up. Since I pay the bill online anyway I really see no point in receiving extra paper which only clutters up my space, makes me have to file more and wastes oodles of expensive resources the costs for which the company undoubtedly passes onto me. Actually, they really should be reducing my bill if I choose that option as my wonderful Swiss bank did when I opted not to receive paper statements from them, but I digress....
a week later I receive a paper letter in the normal mail from said company:
'Dear Penny Smith,
we write to notify you that Penny Smith has accessed Penny Smith's account #xxxxx.
Kind Regards
Your Phone Company'

I guess we cant expect too much from a communication provider