Tuesday, 22 July 2008


once again I'm wasting time which should be spent working but, I made an exciting discovery. According to this test I am 'Super-fit', yay! The unfair part being that if you're in the Super-fit category according to their guide you have to do more work than if you were in the under-fit or average fitness category. Life is just unfair. On the other hand, I feel this discovery justifies me eating some chocolate now.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

breaking but luckily not entering

last night I was standing outside the car in the dark fumbling with the key trying to get the door unlocked, since the lock and door handle is a bit dodgy sometimes, and thinking about a friend who last week kindly offered to let everyone leave their stuff in the car while we went for a walk and then when we returned put the key into the boot only to take it out again minus the key part - yep all gear in car, only key in halves with one half stuck inside the lock.
Anyway, as I tried to get the door open and not break my key I noticed the car in front was the exact same make and model and colour as my car, no, was my car!
Oops, I quickly removed the key from the car I had been attacking and moved as inconspicuously as possible onto the next one.

Friday, 11 July 2008


I received a questionnaire from the Equity Office today, actually a 'Staff Diversity Data Collection Form'. One of the questions asked me to indicate my sexuality, the choices being:
- Heterosexual
- Bisexual
- Gay male
- Lesbian
- Queer
- Other (please specify)

clearly I'm not up with my terms of sexuality definitions but I had to wonder, what exactly is Queer given its apparently not one of the previous options?