Friday, 8 August 2008

market research

I seem to have been somewhat hounded by market researchers recently, in particular a band of rather persistent Kiwis (or perhaps it was always the same individual who just happened to have a NZ accent?) who keep ringing me at home trying to get me to complete a survey about Australian media even though they themselves are not aware that The Australian is a newspaper. Anyway generally I don't mind helping out with the odd bit of market research - its a good little diversion from real work, I sometimes have a chance to win a prize (although I never actually win) and since I know its shitty job for the market research people I'm happy to give some feedback if I have time. So this week I was filling out a survey about my political preferences and I what I thought about how government deals with current issues here like the price of petrol, interest rates, proposed measure for dealing with climate change, etc. Anyway right in the middle of the survey in between all these political questions, the following question comes up: 'Do you believe Earth has been visited by aliens or Extra-Terrestrials?'