Friday, 26 September 2008

home alone

The first week of having the house all to myself was quite exciting. being able to do whatever I please. Watch whatever crap on TV I want, have the whole bed to myself, not have anyone in my way in the bathroom, read in bed with the light on for as long as I want, cook and eat lentils and pumpkins if I feel like it. but mid way through this the second week I was over it. I have to do all the cooking, cleaning, washing up, clothes washing and clothes hanging myself, no one is home to listen to my stories about annoying people at work and I've discovered I really dont like talking on the phone, there's no one ot shoo away the drunk people after they stumble out of the pub and converse outside our house. but its still nice having complete control over the remote.

Thursday, 25 September 2008


no matter how many times I say I'm not gonna do it any more I always always end up leaving everything to the last minute. Hence still at work at 9.15 and cant be bothered to think up anything more exciting to blog about. The problem is that I just dont seem to be able to get motivated to get things done unless I have a pending deadline. I am getting better at setting and keeping to my own deadlines but when it really coems down to it I still know that real deadlines are only the ones set by someone else with a consequence - mine can always be pushed

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

fancy dress

Next week I will be attending a conference. We have just received logistics info from the organisers including the detail that one of the social events will be themed and require fancy dress.
These days when I am invited to an event that is themed or fancy dress my reaction is usually a groan, a deep sigh and a feeling of apprehension. Although its true that most times I've been to fancy dress events I've had a lot of fun, it all just seems like such a pain beforehand. I find it particularly problematic when its an event with people I dont really know - there's no feeling for how far people will go, how much effort will be necessary, will everyone actually dress up or not (or will I end up in a Bridget Jones type situation?). Making this particular event more difficult is that its a work related professional networking type event with people I've never met at all. Somehow fancy dress seems like a strange option at such an event but I guess it can only help with the networking. Perhaps the thing to do is to go all out so that people remember me - it can only help my scientific collaboration and job opening opportunities right?
At least its probably a good sign that the conference is unlikely to be stuffy and too formal.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

superb fairy wren

As I was stopped at the lights in my car on the way to work today (I've gotten very lazy in recent times), this delightful little guy (well probably not this exact one, but one just like him) sat upon my side mirror and was desperately trying to communicate something to his mate reflected in my passenger window by constantly flapping and pecking at the window. He was rather persistent and I was a little afraid of how he'd deal with the inevitable acceleration. He held on admirably for a while - clearly his message was very important, but eventually had to depart.

Monday, 22 September 2008

advice for life

since I hadnt driven the Vespa for over two years and now live somewhere that is distinctly more hilly than where I lived when I used to drive it regularly (distinctly more hilly than many places), some practice of hill starts in the presence of my expert was needed before heading onto the proper road.
The consistent advice was as follows:
'more gas, give more gas'. 'you have to commit'. 'stop hesitating'.
hmm, I suspect this might be saying more about me than just my hill starts.

Friday, 19 September 2008


today I am wondering if it is possible to avoid that nasty habits that most new parents seem to have of defining themselves through their children and assuming that everyone else in the world is as interested in all the (apparently) cute new things their child does as they are. When (if) I have kids will I do the same thing? I sadly must admit that that demon of a time-wasting pathetic bandwagonish lowbrow internet tool facebook has brought these thoughts upon me. Why o why do people put photos of their babies as their profile picture? I mean I know they're proud and all that but surely they see themselves as more than just thier children, they are still a person with a perosnailty and thoughts in their heads outside of the babies aren't they? or if not, at least want to be seen to be, no? yes yes I know I just dont understand and cant until I experience the 'joy of parenting' myself, but I really hope I wont ever understand and will be able to adore my children but still see me.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


I've got a lot of time on my own to think at the moment. I realise I tend to neglect this blog since a) I'm lazy, b) its much easier to blog something on the 101 list because it doesnt require much thought. Anyway due to my excess of contemplation time I've decided to make an effort to blog something every day here for the next month (weekdays that is - I hate getting on the computer on the weekend) - excepting a few days when I will be away.
we'll see how this goes. its likely to be a lot of drivel and an insight into what goes on in my mind - scary

friends and acquaintances

after what seemed like a random act of thoughtfulness I was contemplating how you judge the nature of your relationships with people. There are many people who I view just as acquaintances until something happens and I realise they perhaps think of me as more of a friend than I do of them. I wonder if its just me keeping a distance for no good reason but inadvertently implying there is no such distance.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


had a bit of a Manchester themed evening on Monday. I didn't particularly like the place when I lived there, but distance and time allows you to romanticise about a place or something. Although my Manchester evening meant watching 'Queer as Folk' and 'Shameless' - not much romantic there, must just be the British humour. Two pretty disparate views of Manchester life.
I guess I cant really judge being neither a gay man nor having ever lived on a council housing estate (phew!), but Shameless seems the more accurate version to me - but that perhaps just reflects my low opinion of Manchester. Queer as seemed a bit too OTT, somehow in a Four Weddings and Skins kinda British way. I dont remember Canal St being quite like that, but maybe it wasnt too far off actually.

reasons to love Brisbane part ??

its only September and summer is here! yay!
Of course I am feeling rather summery 'cos I just spent a week where it was 40 degrees C every day so might be a bit warped but its still feels distinctly summery here.