Monday, 30 January 2012


Yesterday we had two separate visits from children, one 4 year old and one 18 month old (with their respective parents obviously). I don’t think we’ve ever had kids visit us before, which may be a reflection of our previous general interest level in other people’s kids, or just that not many of our friends or immediate family actually had kids until recently – probably a bit of both. Anyway, it was quickly obvious that a) we have no idea what to do with kids and b) that our house is totally not kid-proof. We tried to keep the 4 year old happy with offers of juice, biscuits and chocolate all the way from Switzerland but apparently he ‘doesn’t like those kind’, only the games on Mum’s i-Phone were of interest. The 18 month old of course went directly to the shelves that are full of knick-knacks and collectables, at grabbing height and probably not exactly child-safe. Hmmm. Anyway, I’m sure there are far worse thing than kids that don’t like Swiss chocolate (more for me!) and I figure we’ll work it all out as we go, and we’ve got a bit of time before ours will be mobile to put away all our adult stuff and replace it with smooth-edged, non-flammable, non-swallowable, non-breakable, crayon and vomit resistant stuff.


Anonymous said...

You should've gotten a cat instead!


beesknees said...

nah, they seem to have the same disincentives - need feeding, cleaning up after, cost a lot of money, wreck your stuff, smell bad, poop and vomit, make you worried but hardly any of the benefits - can't talk to you, aren't funny, can't teach them much, can't teach you much, can't look after you when you're old

Anonymous said...

Aha! I knew it! You're getting a kid so that somebody will look after you when you get old. Good luck with that!


Louise said...

Oh dear, I don't envy you that tidy up, you guys have so much cool stuff