Tuesday, 28 February 2012

38 weeks

Monday, 27 February 2012

hot hot hot

I suppose its normal to feel this way in final weeks of pregnancy but nevertheless I'm blaming the the icky sticky hot hot weather over the past few days. Felt so lethargic and then irritable because it was too hot to go and do stuff - resulting in some kind of cabin fever, or even to do stuff without the going. But, as always, relief in the way of rain and a cool change has come overnight. Now I'm just hoping no more 37 degree days (or even 33 degree days if thats not asking too much, it is theoretically almost autumn afterall!), in particular not when I actually go into labour.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


As you might imagine, being comfortable is not something I’m experiencing a lot lately. The most difficult thing seems to be finding a good sitting position. Elevating your feet when you sit is recommended (this is when a pouf would come in handy), supposedly helps alleviate that pesky cankle causing swelling. But the midwife has told me I must not sit leaning back – I should sit forward to avoid baby going into posterior position (which would lead to a whole new level of lack of comfort when it comes to the birth). As you can imagine any attempt to sit leaned forward and with feet elevated while wearing the balloon belly pictured below is far, far from comfortable (or even possible?). Any attempt feels suspiciously like one of the immediately dismissed poses on the sheet of diagrams my yoga teacher gave me at my last class. These days I’m going for sitting cross-legged on the couch, which works for a while, or putting up with the heavy-feet feeling, or, best, lying down.

vision decision

Every time I think I’ve got everything ready and made all the decisions I need to make for the birth something else comes up. Today its should I wear my contact lenses or glasses? Although I think this one’s pretty straight forward, as has been the case with all such decisions regarding the birth, I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one to ask such a question, so I turned to google and internet forums to find out what others recommend (and most importantly why). I was pretty surprised to find some people’s response was ‘ah, you’re not gonna care what you look like’. No kidding. But, making the assumption that someone is asking this question because they’re worried about their appearance seems so ridiculous and insulting to me. (Although, there was a whole lot of stuff about people having manicures and pedicures and their make-up done beforehand (!???), so I guess it takes all types). Anyway. I think contacts will be the go. With all that sweating etc, and going in and out of shower and bath, glasses seem like they’ll be a total pain. There’s always the idea that if(when) labour goes on for a long time the contacts would get uncomfortable and I really won’t want to be pfaffing with taking them out, but I’m pretty used to wearing them for a long time so I think it’ll be fine. If only I could just see properly, sigh.

Friday, 24 February 2012


Apparently my joking about cankles was a tad flippant. At my midwife appointment later that day my blood pressure was high, and turns out the three usual symptoms of 'the most common serious complication of pregnanacy' (pre-eclampsia) are high blood pressure, swelling and protein in the urine. On taking a pee sample, you guessed it, protein. So, after reading too much on all knowledgable google on pre-eclampsia and overthinking, maybe as payback for not taking things serious enough, I had the pleasure of 5 hours at the hospital the next morning. There they could monitor my blood pressure every hour, take blood and more urine tests, and montior baby's heartbeat and movement. Although the first two readings were a little high the 3rd-5th were low, some really low, and all the blood, pee and baby montioring was all good and normal. I don't really get how your blood pressure can change so much so quickly (although my sister reckons the high blood pressure resulted from going straight from seeing my Mother to the hosptial, ha!) but at least its turned out there's nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


There I was innocently standing on the platform waiting for my train home (last time I have to do that commute for a while, yay!), when I looked down and noticed my ankles had been replaced with cankles, eek! By all accounts I am pretty lucky this hadn't happened earlier, although maybe it had and I just hadnt noticed - I was wearing a rather-fat-ankle accentuating pair of purple tights yesterday which wasn't really helping the situation. By this morning my ankles were back, but looks like this is geenrally a re-occuring theme for pregant people which might also spread to fingers and face. Lucky there's not much time left for this to bother me!

37 weeks

Friday, 17 February 2012


Only 2.5 work days left, yay! Although that said, that does mean there's only a very short time 'til the birth left, eek!
All had been going pretty well at work. I felt ready to go, most things tied-up, tidied-up, passed on and documented. Until this week when it seems people finally realised that I am actually going next week and all of a sudden there's a whole lot of new stuff hat has to be done before then, sigh.
In any case, I hadn't been feeling too tired so actually coming to work and spending all day there was fine. Felt I could, physically, easily work closer to the date. Although mentally I'm kinda over it. I must admit it has started to seem rather unimportant. In a way this is a little scary 'cos I can almost feel myself slowly drifting to becoming one of those mothers whose whole lives are their kids, who doesnt want to do anything else. I never imagined I would feel that way (and maybe I won't). But several of my friends who have recently become mothers and always thought they'd be raring to go back to work, now say they never want to go back. and, in some ways I think I'm fine with that idea. For want of a better term, its starting to seem natural. hmmm.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

36 weeks

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


We went pretty quickly from having no stuff to drowning in baby gear. In particular clothes. Seems like everyone I know with a kid has boxes of clothes they want to give me. Its all good because this means we now have a very complete wardrobe of clothes for almost any occasion, and in a whole range of baby sizes, and haven't spent any money on it (well, there were a few things that I happened to come across which were just too cute not to buy- oh dear). I'm sure some people would turn their noses up at the idea of clothing their new wonderful child in all second hand stuff, but its all cute (well, most of it) and in good condition, some of it barely if ever worn and well, it'd just be rude to reject it.
The only problem is where to put it all. The house is looking rather overstuffed these days.

Friday, 10 February 2012


Being asked in the comments today if my partner is squeamish (he's not luckily) reminded of one of our first visits to the hospital. We did a tour of the labour and maternity wards including the birthing suites with several other couples. On looking around the birthing suite where we saw the bed, giant bathroom (and bath), nitrous oxide outlets etc, one of the husbands went green then pale and dizzy and almost fainted, the midwife had to give him a chair and some juice. Oh dear. hate to think how he coped at the actual birth!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

35 weeks

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I'm still trying not to pay too much attention to, and in particular not to get too worried about horror pregnancy, birth and baby stories, but sometimes it doesn't work so well. Last week a colleague told me his son's birth story which all worked out well in the end, but started with his wife realising that the baby wasn't moving anymore about 4 weeks before it was due and ending with emergency caesarean that day. So now I keep worrying that baby will stop moving but I won't notice until its too late. Each time baby is having a rest I get paranoid.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Bringing your own music to the birth has been suggested - it can distract you, help you relax or feel calmer. Although, apparently plenty of women decide during the birth that what was their favourite music last week is actually bloody awful and unbearably irritating and throw the music player across the room or scream at their partner to get the awful stuff off. Neverthless, the potential for it to be helpful makes it still seems like a good idea to me. But choosing the right music from our stuff is proving somewhat tricky (and time consuming). I'm thinking it should be stuff thats calming and relaxing - not raise-your -heartrate get-up-and-dance kind of stuff. But lots of the slower calmer stuff in our collection is actually kinda sad or depressing (think Radiohead), and I'm thinking thats probably not what I'm gonna need either. Relaxing and Uplifting, but I'm not really sure I'm getting that right. Google was of limited help - I'm not really the whale song, sounds of waves crashing on a remote windswept beach type. Let's just hope the iPod survives!

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Here I was thinking I'd been lucky and so far had been relatively immune to the mush brain, confusion, forgetfulness and general stupidity that it seems so many pregnant women say befalls them. Then, today as I was trying to find some of the apparently many, many things I need to pack in my 'hospital bag', I found at the bottom of my wardrobe a shopping bag. In this shopping bag were several tins of tomatoes and some packets of parmesan cheese. Hmmm. I don't remember when I bought this stuff, but also in the bag was a magazine dated December 2011, which I'm pretty sure comes out in late November. oh dear.

Friday, 3 February 2012

buns of steel

Last time the midwife told me baby was head-down bum-up just as it’s supposed to be and she was convinced it would stay that way. Good. Although with all the movement I’m feeling going on I’m wondering how she can be so sure. And I must admit when I picture it I find it hard to hold onto an image of the baby that way, ‘cos its upside-down and that doesn’t seem a very satisfactory way to spend weeks on end to me, but all relative I guess.

Most of the time people talk about feeling the baby kicking, or ask how much kicking you’re feeling. However, I have to say that a lot of the time what I’m feeling doesn’t really seem much like kicking at all, rather lots of twisting, turning, and wriggling. Although often in the middle of the night I’m convinced it’s either got a game of charades going on or practicing its left and right hooks (depending on whether its taking after the more dorky or more sporty side of the family – no prizes for guessing which parent is the dorky one). And lot of lumps and bumps. I’m constantly trying to feel which bits are what, and bearing in mind what the midwife said about its position I think now can pretty much feel where the back and limbs are and, in that case, boy is its butt hard! Maybe the more sporty family side?

rude awakening

There’s no more certain way to rouse yourself from slumber than to be stretching out your legs in bed and be met with that sharp twinge of pain from a contracted cramped-up leg muscle. Ow ow ow. Still, in some ways I’m glad this is one of the few annoying pregnancy side effects I’ve had (knock knock). I used to get them quite a lot sometime ago so at least I’m used to them. Was thinking it could be a good way to practice the calm breathing, but wasn’t having much luck with that this morning, wincing, complaining and massaging seemed to work quicker. A girl in our childbirth class was wondering how the leg cramp pain compared to the contraction pain, and was hoping not at all ‘cos she found the leg cramps unbearable, hmmm.

34 weeks