Friday, 3 February 2012

buns of steel

Last time the midwife told me baby was head-down bum-up just as it’s supposed to be and she was convinced it would stay that way. Good. Although with all the movement I’m feeling going on I’m wondering how she can be so sure. And I must admit when I picture it I find it hard to hold onto an image of the baby that way, ‘cos its upside-down and that doesn’t seem a very satisfactory way to spend weeks on end to me, but all relative I guess.

Most of the time people talk about feeling the baby kicking, or ask how much kicking you’re feeling. However, I have to say that a lot of the time what I’m feeling doesn’t really seem much like kicking at all, rather lots of twisting, turning, and wriggling. Although often in the middle of the night I’m convinced it’s either got a game of charades going on or practicing its left and right hooks (depending on whether its taking after the more dorky or more sporty side of the family – no prizes for guessing which parent is the dorky one). And lot of lumps and bumps. I’m constantly trying to feel which bits are what, and bearing in mind what the midwife said about its position I think now can pretty much feel where the back and limbs are and, in that case, boy is its butt hard! Maybe the more sporty family side?

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