Sunday, 26 February 2012


As you might imagine, being comfortable is not something I’m experiencing a lot lately. The most difficult thing seems to be finding a good sitting position. Elevating your feet when you sit is recommended (this is when a pouf would come in handy), supposedly helps alleviate that pesky cankle causing swelling. But the midwife has told me I must not sit leaning back – I should sit forward to avoid baby going into posterior position (which would lead to a whole new level of lack of comfort when it comes to the birth). As you can imagine any attempt to sit leaned forward and with feet elevated while wearing the balloon belly pictured below is far, far from comfortable (or even possible?). Any attempt feels suspiciously like one of the immediately dismissed poses on the sheet of diagrams my yoga teacher gave me at my last class. These days I’m going for sitting cross-legged on the couch, which works for a while, or putting up with the heavy-feet feeling, or, best, lying down.

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Not long to go now!