Friday, 24 February 2012


Apparently my joking about cankles was a tad flippant. At my midwife appointment later that day my blood pressure was high, and turns out the three usual symptoms of 'the most common serious complication of pregnanacy' (pre-eclampsia) are high blood pressure, swelling and protein in the urine. On taking a pee sample, you guessed it, protein. So, after reading too much on all knowledgable google on pre-eclampsia and overthinking, maybe as payback for not taking things serious enough, I had the pleasure of 5 hours at the hospital the next morning. There they could monitor my blood pressure every hour, take blood and more urine tests, and montior baby's heartbeat and movement. Although the first two readings were a little high the 3rd-5th were low, some really low, and all the blood, pee and baby montioring was all good and normal. I don't really get how your blood pressure can change so much so quickly (although my sister reckons the high blood pressure resulted from going straight from seeing my Mother to the hosptial, ha!) but at least its turned out there's nothing to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. But you did the right thing, not to take any unnecessary risks so late in the pregnancy.


beesknees said...

yep, although not through any wise thinking on my part - the midwife told me to go in, so I did.