Wednesday, 15 February 2012


We went pretty quickly from having no stuff to drowning in baby gear. In particular clothes. Seems like everyone I know with a kid has boxes of clothes they want to give me. Its all good because this means we now have a very complete wardrobe of clothes for almost any occasion, and in a whole range of baby sizes, and haven't spent any money on it (well, there were a few things that I happened to come across which were just too cute not to buy- oh dear). I'm sure some people would turn their noses up at the idea of clothing their new wonderful child in all second hand stuff, but its all cute (well, most of it) and in good condition, some of it barely if ever worn and well, it'd just be rude to reject it.
The only problem is where to put it all. The house is looking rather overstuffed these days.

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Anonymous said...

Baby is gonna puke all over the clothes anyway, so clever to use second-hand stuff.