Sunday, 5 February 2012


Bringing your own music to the birth has been suggested - it can distract you, help you relax or feel calmer. Although, apparently plenty of women decide during the birth that what was their favourite music last week is actually bloody awful and unbearably irritating and throw the music player across the room or scream at their partner to get the awful stuff off. Neverthless, the potential for it to be helpful makes it still seems like a good idea to me. But choosing the right music from our stuff is proving somewhat tricky (and time consuming). I'm thinking it should be stuff thats calming and relaxing - not raise-your -heartrate get-up-and-dance kind of stuff. But lots of the slower calmer stuff in our collection is actually kinda sad or depressing (think Radiohead), and I'm thinking thats probably not what I'm gonna need either. Relaxing and Uplifting, but I'm not really sure I'm getting that right. Google was of limited help - I'm not really the whale song, sounds of waves crashing on a remote windswept beach type. Let's just hope the iPod survives!

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