Wednesday, 22 February 2012


There I was innocently standing on the platform waiting for my train home (last time I have to do that commute for a while, yay!), when I looked down and noticed my ankles had been replaced with cankles, eek! By all accounts I am pretty lucky this hadn't happened earlier, although maybe it had and I just hadnt noticed - I was wearing a rather-fat-ankle accentuating pair of purple tights yesterday which wasn't really helping the situation. By this morning my ankles were back, but looks like this is geenrally a re-occuring theme for pregant people which might also spread to fingers and face. Lucky there's not much time left for this to bother me!


Anonymous said...

Makes you feel sexy, doesn't it :) ?


beesknees said...

almost as much as a giant belly and waddling walk does. Although apparently there is a whole sex appeal thing of pregant women for some people. and creepily I have been getting the odd wolf whistle and calls from passing cars, ugh.