Sunday, 26 February 2012

vision decision

Every time I think I’ve got everything ready and made all the decisions I need to make for the birth something else comes up. Today its should I wear my contact lenses or glasses? Although I think this one’s pretty straight forward, as has been the case with all such decisions regarding the birth, I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one to ask such a question, so I turned to google and internet forums to find out what others recommend (and most importantly why). I was pretty surprised to find some people’s response was ‘ah, you’re not gonna care what you look like’. No kidding. But, making the assumption that someone is asking this question because they’re worried about their appearance seems so ridiculous and insulting to me. (Although, there was a whole lot of stuff about people having manicures and pedicures and their make-up done beforehand (!???), so I guess it takes all types). Anyway. I think contacts will be the go. With all that sweating etc, and going in and out of shower and bath, glasses seem like they’ll be a total pain. There’s always the idea that if(when) labour goes on for a long time the contacts would get uncomfortable and I really won’t want to be pfaffing with taking them out, but I’m pretty used to wearing them for a long time so I think it’ll be fine. If only I could just see properly, sigh.


Anonymous said...

How bad do you see without contacts or glasses? Think I would've chosen glasses, because it's no direct impact on the body.


beesknees said...

Its not terrible, but things are kinda fuzzy and I really hate not being able to see properly, makes me feel disoriented or not quite there. Contact lenses don't have an effect on me unless I've had them in for a very long time, and I'll have the glasses in my bag too.